Travelling Alone ? Tips for a better smart travel

Travelling Alone ? Tips for a better smart travel

Girl’s Tips To Traveling Alone.

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Tips for a Better Travel

Are you looking to travel the world as a solo female? Not very sure where to begin? Nervous about how the experience will pan out? Well, fear not. Many women have traveled and continue to travel the globe solo each and every passing day. Travelling solo as a female does not necessarily mean that you will have an unpleasant and fun less experience. You can have as much fun traveling alone as the boys. You just need to make some careful planning and carry along your common sense with you and you can be sure that your trip will turn out fine.

Travelling alone especially if you are a woman will need you to do a few things over and above what the normal tourist traveling in a group needs to do. We can broadly categorize them as things to be done before and after you reach your destination. In this article, we discuss these as well as some guidelines and tips to follow during your trip. These you will find are applicable in any part of the world in which you choose to travel to. To travel well, you have to travel smartly.


Tips and Plans to Make Before You Leave.


Saving up enough : Avoid a situation whereby you will need to recover financially after you have come back from a trip halfway around the world. Another situation would be finding out that you do not have enough money to cater for your expenses when you reach your destination and you have to call friends or family. This is an anti-climax that would easily turn around your travel experience from good to bad. Make sure you start saving up enough cash early on to avoid such a situation. Preferably you could start saving for next year’s trip immediately you come out of this year’s.


Decide on Your Destination and Learn Language : In case you have always had a dream destination in mind or you just need a getaway destination which can help you unwind from your busy life it is important to do proper destination planning. You don’t want a situation whereby you land at a destination you know absolutely nothing about. Look out for weather patterns, tourist attractions, accommodation options, culture and language spoken in your destination of choice. Make sure you learn a few words and phrases in the local language because the locals will greatly appreciate when they notice you have made even the smallest effort to interact with it.


Buy Appropriate Insurance : We cannot underestimate the importance of insurance in preventing and dealing with uncertainties. Buying appropriate travel insurance from a reputable insurance provider will ensure that you are covered from uncertainties that may occur when traveling solo. It is also important to keep a keen eye on what is to be covered by the insurance because some insurance policies will provide greater cover than others. The bare minimum for solo travel insurance ought to include health insurance and insurance for your electronic gadgets against theft. It is important to note that the greater the cover you get, the higher the premiums you will be required to pay to the insurance company.


Dealing and Communicating with Friends & Family : Getting your family or friends to accept the idea that you are going off for a solo travel as a girl is surely going to be difficult. This is normal and is sure to occur because society everywhere is notoriously protective of its daughters. To remedy such a situation it is important to ensure that you include them in your trip planning from an early stage. You could consider purchasing a phone sim card capable of making international calls in order to constantly keep in touch. In case this is impossible you could consider setting up an email address for them in which you will be keeping in touch. These entire steps will go a long way in keeping worry at bay.


Pack Appropriately : Packing usually depends on the destination you choose to travel to. Urban and luxury travels will call for packing of more fashionable accessories such as beauty products, smart outfits or strappy shoes. While a trip to the Amazon forest or Sahara desert, for instance, will call for packing of more survivalist gear to go along with. It is therefore paramount to find out the right items to take with you to your travel destination of choice. It is also important to carry appropriate sanitary towels and tampons for your monthly periods because this may be difficult to get especially in less developed countries. Ensure you pack along items you absolutely can’t do without to prevent carrying unnecessary travel bag.


Tips to Follow Once You are Out There.


Personal Safety Tips : Personal safety should be a top priority when it comes to traveling alone as a woman anywhere in the world. Theft and harassment remain to be one other major concern for women traveling alone all over the globe. Women could consider the following safety tips while on the go.


  • You should consider doing a self-defense course specifically suited for women.


  • Consider carrying along with you a personal alarm attack.


  • You should be careful with alcohol and drugs. This is because you are more vulnerable to attacks when you are under the influence of these substances.


  • You should always take day tours and avoid night tours at all cost as it might not be safe for you at this time.


  • Only take registered taxis or when using public transport sit next to other women.


  • Ensure that you carry your consulates contact details with you everywhere you go. This will come in handy when you experience a serious attack at any time of day or night.


Accommodation : As a woman traveling alone it is important to establish appropriate and safe accommodation options available in your destination. Finding out the type of accommodation available and doing early booking is recommended although this is usually not always possible and one you may have to make the search yourself once you physically land in your destination. You could consider staying in women-only hostels, single sex dorms and private rooms which you could hire with mates.


Meeting and Dealing with People. As a girl traveling alone, it is important to note that people are different in the various parts of the globe and will respond differently to foreigners. In foreigner fascinated and more hospitable cultures, the attention you are bound to attract can really be intense and knowing how to deal with this situations can help you deal with awkward situations. It is also important to ensure that you dress sensibly and modestly as this will go a long way in showing that you respect the local people’s culture. Taking a cue from how the local women wear would be a good idea in this regard.


General Travel Safety. It is important to take safety precautions while traveling to your destination of choice as a woman traveling solo since they keep you and your luggage safe. The following general travel safety tips go a long way in this regard.


  • Always carry with you a backpack that is lockable to ensure that you don’t run the risk of losing it in buses, trains and other modes of travel.


  • In case you lose your way while you are traveling, make sure to walk into a restaurant or café and confidently ask for directions. You could also ask for directions from other women in the vicinity.


  • When traveling out and about your travel destination, ensure you carry copies of important documents such as your ID, travel documents, and passport. Always ensure that the original copies are safely and securely kept.


  • You should never carry more money than you need during your travel. This is because carrying more money with you may attract unwarranted attention from crooks and pranksters who may want to swindle or steal from you. Always carry an extra bank card which you can use in case of emergencies.




Travelling alone as can be the most liberating this that can happen to you due to the complete freedom it allows. This guide is sure to go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy your solo travel and ensure you come back with only wonderful tales to tell. Since this guide to solo travel that we have provided may not be sufficient to cover everything you need to know, it may be necessary to purchase yourself a good travel guide from a reputable author.


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